November 02, 2008

Maybe this is about Obama. Maybe it's about you.

You might be familiar with what happened on my last blog (here).

Summary: McCain supporters (and one blatant racist) commented heavily. Some comments were benign, but a majority of the comments were either sexist, racist, overly-combative, or just downright rude.

Many people responded to these comments. These responses came primarily from pro-Obama and supporters of independents in the election. Their responses were factual, issue-focused, respectful, and just downright wonderful. If you were involved in a positive way, I thank you.

And while being a McCain supporter doesn't in any way mean you are a rude person, arguments based on fear, misinformation, and name-calling are tactics I associate with the McCain campaign.

On the contrary, a measured, logical response focused on the issues is something I associate with the Obama campaign.

If this is any indication of which candidate would make the better president, the choice is very clear.

In any case, whatever happens on Tuesday, let's proceed respectfully. Antagonistic participation in the political war of polar opposites is for petty people.