January 30, 2009

Religious School's Discrimination Against Lesbians Could Spark Witch Hunt

An appeals court in California recently upheld a decision that supported a religious school's right to expel two students based on sexual orientation.

If you're a religious person who actually believes that being gay is a spiritual offense, this might seem like a victory.

In reality, it's not. In fact, if the decision is upheld (they're trying for an appeal to the State Supreme Court), it could be the end of religious institutions that attempt the same form of discrimination.

Any religious institution that follows suit risks losing more than the many fantastic, religious, beautiful people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transexual church-goers. They risk losing all people who understand what's coming: a witch hunt.

The ruling doesn't just support a religious institution's right to discriminate based on sexual orientation. It gives religious institutions the right to discriminate against anyone, as long as they use religious beliefs to justify it.

Scenario: Orianne doesn't like Andrew because Andrew sometimes hums to himself. Whoops--Andrew ate meat on the wrong day and now Orianne can get him fired! Hooray for Orianne!

But boo for humanity.

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