June 21, 2010

Emergency Press (My Publisher) Is Amazing

My novel, Super, is being published by Emergency Press.

Not only are they incredible to work with, they're also a participant of the Green Press Initiative, and they're publishing some of the most exciting authors out there right now.

For example, Tom Hansen, Gina Frangello, and Erika Rae. I'd tell you more about them, but the trailers and excerpts are awesome, so don't let me keep you.

Tom Hansen's American Junkie

Trailer: here
Excerpts: here

Gina Frangello's Slut Lullabies

Trailer: here
Excerpts: here

Erika Rae's In a Handbasket: Notes from a Recovering Evangelical
Erika Rae's book isn't out yet, but you can sample her writing on TheNervousBreakdown.com.

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