December 06, 2010

Ways to Read My Novel for Free

The following are some ways you can read my novel, Super, for free:
1. Read Super online. We're posting the entire novel online at a rate of a page per day, so if you don't mind reading at a slow pace, you will be able to read Super over the next 200 or so days at The first page of Super starts here. BONUS: You'll get to take each Superhero exam online and see other people's answers.
2. Put in a purchase request for Super at your local public library. Public libraries are awesome and really do want to order what people want. You can already find Super at the Denver Public Library, among others.
3. Ask for Super as a gift. If you celebrate gift-giving in some form or other (for some reason, this is a big time of year for this), put it on your Amazon wishlist, or whatever other cheesy method you may have to convey wishlist information. People may not know what to get you, after all. Somewhere in the world, there is code that lets me put a link that automatically adds Super to a wishlist, but I couldn't find it. If you want to do this, though, Super is here on Amazon.


Frani said...

I'm making my request today of the Multnomah County Library. Just doing my civic duty. Multnomah County residents deserve the best.

Aaron Dietz said...

Awesome, Frani! Thanks so much--We did a library mailing of about 100 libraries, but usually it also takes a person or two requesting the book from the library. I'd love to be in Multnomah!

Cheerleader girls said...
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Joey Polanski said...

I used to watch that on TV when I was a kid.

Aaron Dietz said...

Awesome, Joey.

Yeah, I was only familiar with the Joe Pesci movie. I wonder if I could somehow claim they stole my idea and traveled back in time?

Joey Polanski said...

Time travel is SUPER.