March 28, 2007

It's time to close the McDonald's snackhole

Open your snackhole, yum! I LOVE butt sex references in my fast food advertising, yes! I'm lovin' it!

Yum, food up my butt!

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Here's an email I sent to McDonald's regarding the billboard:

I live near downtown Seattle and find your billboard ad (the one that says, "Open your snackhole") a bit offensive. Surely your vast advertising budget can produce results that are not so blatantly sexual. I've spoken to numerous offended Seattle-ites, and a quick Google search found still more people that feel the same way (for example: In my opinion, this billboard should never have been put up. I think it's time to take it down.

Thank you for your time,

Aaron Dietz

To their credit, Tina, from the McDonald's Customer Response Center did write a fairly decent email back (though of course, they have not done anything about the actual billboard).

Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's about our advertising.

We're sorry you were disappointed with this advertising. We take pride in producing messages that will be enjoyed. We certainly never intended for it to offend anyone. Your comments have been shared with our advertising staff and independent advertising agency who work together to develop our advertising. Please know your feedback is helpful and will be considered in the future planning of our advertising.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Your trust and confidence in our company's tradition of producing high quality advertising are important to us.

Want to bug McDonald's? Email them about advertising issues using this form (sorry, you must have cookies enabled).

March 21, 2007

This is different...

Some of you have noticed already, but in case you haven't: yes, it's true. I'm seeing someone.

It was bound to happen one of these years.

However, it didn't happen in time to save these.

Let us all share a moment of silence.

March 20, 2007

Roadnotes: Portland 2 (Pictures Ahoy!)

Okay, I have a laptop now and I wanted to finish up the Portland roadnotes,'s what really happened in Portland, in photo-comic format.

My laptop died on my trip...

...but I had so much fun I didn't really mind

I had some good breakfasts...

...and good coffee...

...and helped my sister move in.

On short notice, A, Lavell, and Spilt Milk...

...were able to hang out with us

Good times

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March 02, 2007

I am the master of random phrases and statements

I am a tangle of knives in your toilet.

Why isn't the bus moving?

Murderball is to puppets as meatloaf is to art lovers.

"The White Haus" does not need to be explained.

Together, we can cut NASA's budget by 50 per cent by refusing to bring the astronauts home.

If you win people over with your smile, you risk losing them when you frown.

John Festaue was a briggand for love.