March 30, 2009

Roadnotes: Portland

I take the train to Portland and quickly realize that everyone here is serving Stumptown coffee. You go to the coffee shop, they're serving Stumptown coffee. You go to the breakfast place, they serve Stumptown coffee. You go to the bar, they serve Stumptown coffee. You go to the post office, they serve Stumptown coffee. You go to the bathroom, they serve Stumptown coffee. I swear.

Fortunately for me, I love Stumptown coffee.

We meet up with Spilt, F.R.A.N.I., Armatronix, and A at the Sapphire Hotel. We talk about blogging and how it isn't what it used to be.

Spilt mentions that it's weird to see everyone's real name on FaceBook. Everyone agrees.

The next day I'm at a restaurant and I am told I can help myself to a "bev", so yes, there are people who talk like that.

Saturday, I take in the Velveteria with family. Some of us are more interested in the black light room than the art of the paintings.

Sunday is BrickFest. A lot of hype, but all in all, about the same thing or less than the NW BrickCon. But don't take that to mean it didn't please me.

And then, I get "treated" to Madagascar II on the train back to Seattle. Woo.

March 23, 2009

Portland, this Friday, extreme hanging out, woo

I'm going to be in Portland this weekend.

Invited: You.

The time: 9:30pm, Friday, March 27.

The place: The Sapphire Hotel (not to stay the night there - instead: to eat, drink, and hang out)

Extreme-ness: While relaxing, eating, drinking, and talking, we're all going to hold one hand up, with both end fingers raised. EXTREME!!!!!! Woo.

Text from the hotel's Web site: "Sapphire Hotel is a sexy, candlelit bar in the lobby of what was once a traveler's hotel and local brothel in Portland Oregon."

March 11, 2009

Guess What I was Googling: A Game!

The Challenge: Guess what I typed into a Google Image Search to find the following image.

Hint: Four words.

Clue: I did not find what I wanted.

March 08, 2009

Let's be ridiculous in person: Converge upon Seattle in May

Vincent Truman* and I want to hang out with every single one of you. In Seattle. Soon.

We've tentatively selected Memorial Day weekend, but that can change depending on availability and demand. Can't make it but want to? Suggest another time. Mention your level of interest here, or on Vincent's blog.

Probable major events: a dinner at some scrumptious restaurant, and a small theater performance by everyone who wants to perform, and for all those who want to watch.

Probable mini-events: runs to all the great city parks, all the great Seattle neighborhoods, a run to Portland, runs to the mountains, and more** (basically whatever you want to do).

Incidentally, I'll be in Portland for Brickfest the weekend of March 29. I'm reserving one night for family, but another one could wind up being some kind of blog get-together thing, perhaps. Anyone up for that?

* If you don't know Vincent, that's too bad, since everything I do is copied directly from him.

** By "runs", I don't mean to imply that you actually have to run. Walking, standing still, riding a bus, and/or riding a car is also okay. Or other stuff is okay, too, especially if you can fly. Good for you, if that's the case. We're all very aware of how much better you are than the rest of us. Oh yeah, wow.

March 03, 2009

TV sets should be kept underwater


I think they should be underwater.

And that way if you want to watch, you have to hold your breath, and you'll never watch too much, or else you'll die, which will appropriately enact a positive evolution on humanity.

Or, people will grow gills, which is also cool.

(Inspired by Dabi.)

3 Reasons Why I Haven't Blogged Much Lately

1. I've been too worried about my vast investment portfolio.

2. I'm really you, and let's face it, you've been lazy, lately.

3. One cannot blog, for the blog has already been blogged, and always will have been. Also, I've been writing a book.