August 24, 2010

Super: Editor's Comments on the Manuscript

During the writing of Super, I kept track of a few funny, interesting, or odd comments left by my editor from the many edits of my manuscript. And here they are:

This seems like a lot for such a short paragraph.

Costume repair.


Does it have to be Bob? Could it be Gary? Or Frank?

Run like hell

Is this like she's making soup?

Guns shoot bullets, and people load bullets into guns.

Yes, more wild. Wild it.

What other sites would terrorists be smart to attack in the U.S.?

Now the book gets interesting! (p. 153)

Opened 5-gallon pickle buckets.

Yep. NOW, and only NOW are you funny. (p. 161)

August 18, 2010

Super: How to Create a Glow in the Dark Sign Thing

Step 1: Come up with a nifty logo (this part was done by Charlie Potter,
who is the graphic designer and book designer for the book).

Step 2: Order pizza.

Step 3: While waiting for the pizza, cut the logo out of your stencil.

Step 4: Eat the pizza.

Step 5: Test your stencil using the pizza box. Does it look cool? Oh yes, it looks cool. Good job, you. CAUTION:
Do not vandalize other people's property. It's okay to spray paint your
own pizza box, but don't spray paint anyone else's. Or anyone else's
other stuff. The principle (and law) applies to more than just pizza

Step 6: Buy one of those glow-stick things for kids.

Step 7: Crack it and shake.

Step 8: Cut it open using a knife you don't care about, and then drain it
into a plastic cup that you don't care about. Cut slowly and carefully!
CAUTION: Do not actually do this stuff! It could be dangerous! At the
very least, get your publisher to do it while you shield and avert your
eyes! Special note to publishers: Don't do it!

Step 9: Apply glow-in-the-dark mixture to stenciled paper.

Step 10: Stand back, and then say, "What the heck does RBZ mean?"

RBZ Logo by Charlie Potter.

For more info on the book, check here:

August 10, 2010

Ode to Chong Yit Seng

Chong Yit Seng
of Singapore,

You wrote some code once.
And I used it.

I used the code to loop through Word docs
and convert them to XML files tagged according to an EAD specification.

I never thanked you
because I didn't know how.

Now you have a LinkedIn profile
(if that's you).

So anyway,

August 04, 2010

Super: The Failed Book Titles

Sometimes putting a title on a book is more challenging than writing the book itself. Here's a list of titles that weren't quite as good as Super. The book is about Superheroes that work for a county agency, so that's what most of these titles were attempting to express.

Superhero Suckdown

The Right Thing or Whatever
Apocalypse Management
Hostile Work Environment
To Err is Superhuman
Municipal Light and Powers
Superize Me
Rescue This Book
FOIA L-351-ORB-12
Security Blanket
Not a Zombie Book
Super Qualified
I Just Work Here
A Poorly Titled Novel That’s Actually Rather Good
Opportunity Screams
Materials that Stretch
Extra Sensitive

You Are the Hero