December 07, 2009

Aboo Gabba Deedoo Alloo

I stand up and take my dishes to the kitchen, belly stuffed.

"Ho, cha po," I say.

The sweetheart laughs.

"I mean really," I continue. "It's a good point. Ho cha po!"

"That's true," she says. "Ho cha po."

She rinses off a plate.

"Do you think," she says, "that someday we will just talk with words that nobody understands?"

"I don't see how that could ever arbogooben."

The sweetheart laughs.

"Frankly," I say, "the mere idea is froogoobagooku."

The sweetheart laughs again.

"Aboo gabba deedoo," she says.

"Aboo gabba deedoo ba-doo."