March 09, 2010

A Jerk Almost Ran Me Over

I'm walking across the street when a car screeches to a stop, nearly running me over.

"Hey moron," says the driver out the window. "You need some kind of magical way to tell cars when you're crossing or you're going to get flattened!"

I stop in the middle of the road.

"You mean, like a stop sign?" I ask.

I put my hand on my forehead and close my eyes. Concentration! Then, I quickly shoot my other arm in the direction of the corner, where there is a stop sign.

"Better?" I ask.

The driver is not amused.

March 05, 2010

Words and Phrases that Get Me Hot


Federal Trade Commission

Pilot Books


"In fact, as the result plainly proves, he needed the assistance and
support of staunch and true friends, upon whose courage, coolness and
fidelity he could depend in case of an emergency."

American Junkie



Tom Hansen

P.S. Tom Hansen's making a rare public appearance tonight at Pilot Books for the release of American Junkie, an excellent, honest, and captivating book. 7pm, for those in Seattle that can make it. I'll be there!

Here's what American Junkie is about in Star Wars language: There is no mysterious “Force” in the galaxy (yet Darth Vader is still around, and just as deadly). This book is Luke's journey toward facing Vader, anyway, without the Force. Or a lightsaber. Also, Luke doesn’t whine all the time.