May 16, 2007

A Quick Assessment of the Die Hard 4 Trailer

Many of you know of my (perhaps somewhat guilty) love of the Die Hard series, so of course I am excited by the new one coming out this summer.  My first impression, based on the trailer:

They're trying to go too big with this, though at first glance, I feel like they could actually succeed.  Oh my, there were some wildly awesome shots just in the trailer!

Possible problem: Two or three awesome lines have already been exposed by the trailer, as well as some great action sequences - does the movie have anything more?  My expectations have been raised.

Potential Aaron-thing: Why does the John McClane character have to rescue his daughter?  Why can't the daughter be bad-ass rescue him?  Or why can't they be working together?  I was about to have this problem with the women in Shrek 3 (I saw a sneak preview last night) until they got all bad-ass.  Good job, in THAT movie.  This could be a possible downfall of the new Die Hard.

I'm already annoyed by: the Justin Long character.  Get rid of him.  To me, he is already the Jar-Jar Binks of the Die Hard series (though I guess without him, there'd be no one to say, "You killed a helicopter...with a car").

Impossible hope: I want them to give Sammy J. a cameo, but I don't see him in IMDb, so...meh.

things that might offset Sammy J. not being in this film: Jeffrey
Wright (who is always awesome)!  And a Kevin Smith appearance, which
could go either way.

General impression: I fear the plot will lose the small-time-cop-stuck-in-big-situation charm of the Die Hard series, but the film might succeed despite this.

May 15, 2007

My book is (in) a movie!

That's right! Nobody's made a movie out of it yet, but my book recently got to be IN a movie - a short film called How To Save A Life, by Rocket Barber (also known as the Rocketman).

I think I even found a pic with the book in it already!

There it is

See that orange-ish book on top of that stack? I think that's my book! And I didn't even have to pay for product placement!

For more info. and some exciting photos taken during the shooting of the film check out this profile. And just to get you at least a little interested, here's a blurb:

When a controversial peace-nick unexpectedly hails a cab on American soil, a formidable government agency takes notice. The stranger's series of seemingly innocent interactions initiates a manhunt, resulting in a tragic and bloody shootout that forces him to reveal he's more than the insightful pacifist he seems.

They sure have messed up those food groups, huh?

I mean, back when I was in grade school, there were only four food groups.  Now they have all kinds of crazy stuff....

Just eat it

(Pssst - hey kids!  There is a new Dogboy adventure up as well as a new 100 Nights....)

May 11, 2007

How To Turn a Crappy Blog Into Pure Awesomeness!

1. Write crappy blog.

2. At the end of crappy blog, type "Problem solved LOL!"*

3. Problem solved LOL!

* I'm going to try very hard not to steal that phrase ever again, and if you still don't know where I'm stealing it from, check out Eexlebot's The Worst Comic Ever.

May 09, 2007

Murder was the case they (almost) gave me

Recently, I spent two days participating in a jury selection process for a murder one trial.

This is what I learned:

Peers shmeers.  The man on trial was black.  At the time that I was dismissed, there were no black people left to serve on the jury.  Maybe the jury will be fair.  Maybe not.  But if the object was to give the defendant a jury of his peers, the process failed.

All jurors are to be treated like children.  At one point, a juror asked to use the restroom.  What this means is that the entire jury panel (about 30 to 40 people at that point) was ushered into a neighboring courtroom where we proceeded to take turns using two restrooms (one for men, one for women).  The bailiff left us there for fifteen minutes, saying, "Don't leave the room until I come get you."  Problem solved LOL!

All jurors are to be treated like children who will leave their gum everywhere.  The bailiff reminded us to spit out our gum each time we entered the courtroom.  However, when I asked where a trash can was (because I had gum in my mouth), she said to put the gum in the back of my mouth.  Problem solved LOL!

Breaks shmeaks.  I wanted water (the only consumable allowed in the courtroom).  I tried my three one dollar bills in the Aquafina water dispensing machine but it wouldn't accept them.  On the change machine, there was a sign that said, "I lost one dollar bill in hear and no change came out" (misspelling not mine).  I asked to leave the juror containment room to buy water or get change.  They told me I could do so on break.  I asked when break is.  They said they didn't know.  I ended up not getting a break until lunch time.  Problem solved LOL!

May 04, 2007

Favorite Text of the Day

This, from Victoria, at 12:53am, today:

Haha n omg! OK- had2 share this

w/som-o-U! :Hey Vic? king heart

shape bed-fur model -massage

systm-red. Call Ron Jeremy

310-748-81etc ONLY n LA man!

May 03, 2007

Smile, I Want You

Smiles are sexy.

Mainstream media present "sexy" as a very streamlined set of details that are then deeply tied to "status" (status = sex).

But once you break free of the media's influence on you, you are free to realize that the hottest, most sexy thing of all is a true connection with a lover.  And when you have a true connection with that lover and they smile at you...well, it is a mountain of hotness.  This has the effect of feeling good.