July 27, 2010

Super: The Synopsis

I always have a bit of trouble explaining what my novel is about, so I'm lucky to have a synopsis written by the talented Alex Reed, with a few choice additions from my editor, Bryan Tomasovich.

The Synopsis

Do you need a new job?

Does the world need another superhero?

You see the connection, don’t you? If you had the chance to save lives…could you handle the adventure? The pressure, the risk, the grotesque, the insane? Most of all, could you handle your humanity? Update your resume, ‘cause here we go. Either stick with being sucked down further into your life, or earn the lift-off of the elite.

Aaron Dietz’s debut novel moves with an experimental edge into America’s heroic mythology. Structured as a novel-length job application for a superhero agency, Dietz uses his iron touch to explore themes that go far deeper than the swashbuckling world of comics and costumes. It’s a story about commitment, ability, bureaucracy, possibility, crisis, and heartbreak. Super.

July 13, 2010

The Day Wyatt Earp Invented the Compooter

Now listen here, 'cause when you're as old as me, you gets knowledge about stuff and then on occasion you force-share it on people and you can't force-share it on people who don’t listen.

I remember when Wyatt Earp invented the compooter quite well, because it was the day after the gunfight near the O.K. Corral, and me and Wyatt were all cooped up in the hotel, bored as a spent firecracker, what when Wyatt done said, "Jeeminee, homma' homma' g'boy!"

Which, if'n you knew Wyatt like I did, you knew that was Wyatt's way of proposin' an entirely new form of technology capable of doin' stuff when people did stuff to tell it what to do, which, if'n you knew Wyatt, you knew he intended to call the "compooter" because, hot dog, that's just obvious if'n you knew how he talked.

And that was the day we what wished the microchip to already have been invented because we couldn't-a figure that part out.

The next day we sent McMasters out for ice cream and then made him eat it first so we know'd it weren't poisoned.

July 07, 2010

The Good Thing About People Behaving Like Sheep

Perhaps a comforting thought related to people being relatively easy to manipulate is that people can be heavily influenced by an idea, and so if the world seems too commercialized, too homogenized, or just too stupid due to a general lack of independent thought, then take heart in knowing that the right idea could easily catch on at any moment, and transform the world.