May 12, 2006

Yes, U.S. Citizens, Your Freedom is at Stake

Save the Internet: Click hereI have no good news. Communications companies are spending millions lobbying Congress to turn the Internet into a private enterprise.

Our civil liberties are already in dubious standing without this heinous nuisance. The Internet is the only venue that we can count on for sharing vital civil rights information. Without Internet neutrality, companies will be able to decide what Web sites you can visit just like they decide which cable channels you can buy.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video on this page.

If you want to sign the petition that will help put a stop to this nonsense, go here.

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Bile said...


It's all over already. The military-corporate machine already knows what we eat, who we talk to, where we fly and where we surf. It's going to have to all crumble before the bloody revolution. I say roll over so we can get to the burning and white collar ass kicking sooner.

aaaaaaron said...

I'm glad I don't own a white collar.