June 19, 2007

And that’s just one reason why I don’t answer the phone

The sequence of events:

1. I order a veggie dog at the Cyber Dog Cafe (pretty good, but nowhere near as good as CRIF Dog in New York City).

2. My phone vibrates as I'm putting condiments on the dog. I look to see who is calling. It's Lorna, a cute girl I know. (I've called Lorna a couple times to hang out, but she is always busy.)

My thoughts at the moment: Maybe Lorna wants to have my children now!

3. I don't answer the phone because I'm not rude (usually).  So I finish with my condiments and take the veggie dog outside.

My thoughts at the moment: I'll just wait for her voicemail.

4. I start eating my veggie dog and walking home, waiting for the phone to tell me that a voicemail is ready, but it doesn't happen.

My thoughts at the moment: I guess whatever she wanted wasn't a big deal.

5. Five minutes later, my phone tells me a voicemail is ready.

My thoughts at the moment: She left a voicemail after all! And since it took so long, that must mean it's a very long voicemail and that must mean that she was confessing some sort of crush on me or something, right?! And she at least maybe wants to hang out or something, right?!

6. I dial the voicemail and listen. It is no message after all! It's her phone accidentally ringing me and I can hear Lorna and another woman talking and laughing. I listen to the whole message, unable to hear what they are saying and unable to hang up because I figure at some point, Lorna will discover that her phone is on and she will say, "Hello?  Hello?"  But she doesn't even do this.  She never notices.

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