July 25, 2007

Let's Review Our Emoticons, Shall We?

It's important to keep up on the latest emoticons so that we can all continue to communicate effectively in our fast-evolving technological world. You might want to review these, just in case they are not yet in your regular witty repertoire. Emoticons are followed swiftly by their meanings. Study up!


Winding road ahead.


I fell off the teeter-totter!


Oh, why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?! Why?!


The oven door won't stay shut LOL!

=T=T=T= | =T=

Someone broke my favorite bar stool ROFL!

And now for my favorite (which also happens to be the inspiration for this blog):

^ _~@ ^

This one was created by the wonderful literary mastermind, Fantastic H. It is an emoticon of me flying over the pyramids while drinking Scotch.

What are YOUR favorite emoticons?


Sara Sue said...

My favorite = ( @ )( @ ) Boobs!

Joey Polanski said...


Three Stooges eye-poke!