April 16, 2008

Roadnotes: Austin Greyhound to Dallas

The following is based on events that happened on March 27.

I'm first in line at door 2, the gate to Dallas. The announcer calls out, "Last call for Dallas, door 2."

I take this as my cue to exit through door 2 so I can get on the bus before it leaves. Naturally, I start walking through door 2.

Apparently, though, the bus isn't ready yet and instead of telling me this, the security guard simply pushes the door back in my face, shoving me back inside. Excellent communication skills.

Later, the security guard opens the door and treats me like an idiot for trying to board earlier. I tell him they said it was last call. He tells me that they said "line up". Now, even supposing he's right (and he's not), it's hardly acceptable for him to communicate my supposed blunder by shoving the door back in my face and then ignoring me for ten minutes. Will there be a nasty email to Greyhound about this? You bet. Will it matter? I don't know. I complain on principle.

Also, the bus winds up leaving an hour and a half late. Come on, Greyhound, I can get lateness from Amtrak. If you're going to treat people like shit, at least leave on time.

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