June 11, 2008

Top 10 Weirdest Ways To Get To aarondietz.us

I know I've done this before, but on my birthday I get to post whatever I want.

These are the top 10 weirdest search phrases used to get to aarondietz.us, gathered by the Internet stats machine, no lie. Every one of these was used to get to my Web site more than once.

10. anal sex filetype:swf

9. used condom

8. hot jew

7. my palm

6. jonathan evison

5. drunk slut fiction

4. cougar catnip

3. arquivolo

2. masturbation with a brush

1. chamber of commerce

Headed to L.A. this weekend. Should be fun!


Shamus said...

You've crossed the line, young man.

aaaaaaron said...

Oh no, it's users of search engines that have crossed the line.