September 16, 2008

Mainstream Media Fails To Cover Election; Only Bloggers Can Save the World, Now

I'm taking a pledge: I will only blog about the election until it's over.

Why? Because the mainstream media have failed to report crucial, relevant details about the current presidential race.

What does this mean to you? You'll find relevant information about each of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates right here on this blog.

If you have a blog, or if you've always wanted to start one, I hope you'll take the following pledge with me, and pass it on to others. Together, we can report on this election as the mainstream media should.

The Pledge

Until the end of November 4, 2008, I will only post blogs that are relevant to the U.S. election.

I will use facts without distortion, and cite sources for those facts.

I will present events, issues, and candidates as fairly as possible.

I will not report on gossip or irrelevant squabbles.

When I have a position on an issue being discussed, I will make that position known while focusing the discussion of that position on a fair representation of the relevant facts.

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