January 19, 2010

Avatar: A Summary of the Movie

An ex-Marine is all trying to figure out what to do with his life when he starts hanging out with a bunch of his deceased brother's friends.

Unfortunately for the ex-Marine, all of his brother's friends are into Second Life, so he gets sucked into playing it, too.

He lives on some kind of military base or something where important dramatic things are happening but instead of getting involved, he plays Second Life all day. Then, he moves in to a trailer with his brother's friends so they can play Second Life without any distractions.

He completes a bunch of awesome quests and stuff and even gets a Second Life girlfriend, though the movie never shows her IRL.

In fact, he gets so good at Second Life that his brother's friends pretty much sit around and watch him play and feed him when he's hungry, 'cause he's a superstar.

Meanwhile, there's some kind of war on.

The End.

In this breathtaking scene from Avatar, the ex-Marine and his friends watch what's going on in Second Life.

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