September 02, 2010

Top Time-Travel Movies of All Time

This list is, of course, final. If you were thinking of making one of the best movies about time travel in the near future, you're too late, unless it's autobiographical. Because then you’d be a time traveler. So you could change time and stuff. Get it? Never mind.

1. Timecrimes. When you watch this, at first you're all, that's some freaky stuff! Then, you're all, Soylent Green is people (except people is me)! And finally you start to figure everything out, and it’s still interesting. Even without time travel ability, I can already tell it's better than the Tom Cruise knock-off version that's scheduled to come out in 2012.

2. Twelve Monkeys. Possibly the best use for Brad Pitt yet.

3. Primer. Brilliant film, though I still can't figure this one out. That bit about the party confuses me. What exactly happened there?

4. The Sticky Fingers of Time. Like any movie that combines time-travel with bisexual adventures and bionic parts, this movie is a classic.

5. Back to the Future. It's just a very fun movie. It's like the first Matrix, only from a different decade, with different technology, and a totally different plot.

6. Time Bandits. Honestly, I don't remember this movie. I remember enjoying it, but I couldn't tell you what happened. I just included it in this list because I know someone will be all, "Hey, what about Time Bandits?"

7. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. Technically, not a time travel movie at all, but it's way better than Star Trek IV.


Bagack said...

time bandits scared me to death

Aaron Dietz said...

I just wish I could remember it. Does it have something to do with a horse crashing into a kid's bedroom?