April 12, 2006

The Best Laid Plans of The Redhead

The Redhead's Plan For Me To Get a Girlfriend:

1. Be friendly around girl I have crush on.
2. Notice when she is having a bad day.
3. Say, "Are you okay?"

Result: She realizes Im a sensitive, kind man and decides she wants me. She gives me anal sex and we live happily ever after.

My Enactment of The Redheads Plan:

1. I am friendly around the girl I have a crush on.
2. I notice she is having a bad day.
3. I say, "Are you okay?"

Result: She says, "What? Yeah. Why?" and has no idea what I am talking about. I find out that she is a lesbian and try to ignore the fact that I get warmer whenever she says my name.


Anonymous said...

Start eating bones, brother.

aaaaaaron said...

I do not understand.

Billie said...

Ride the snake. It's just easier than trying to play the game with gurls. Head over to Discovery Park and hang out you shingle by simply sitting languidly on the lawn. You'll be riding the snake in no time.

aaaaaaron said...

It does sound easier....

Delbert said...

Don't do it! Once you cross the line you'll never go back. It would, however, make the transition to prison easier.

Joey Polanski said...

You need a plan fer th best laid redhead.