August 23, 2006

Why all the hot girls should want to ride the Aaaaaaron stick

Recent contest winner Adam got to choose a blog topic for me to write about. He chose, "Why all the hot girls should want to ride the Aaaaaaron Stick."

This challenged me because:

A. It implies that the "hot girls" DON'T want to ride the Aaaaaaron stick (which is of course entirely untrue).
B. Who says I WANT the "hot girls" to ride the Aaaaaaron stick (I mean, I'm fairly choosy and I like to take good care of my disease-free stick)?

(This is not to say all "hot girls" have diseases. I'm also choosy for other reasons.)

But if I must explain why the "hot girls" should want to ride my stick, then I must. And here is one reason:

I can turn ingredients lists on various food products into erotic poems. It works well with just about anything, but I particularly like those that end in "spices."

It's really much better in person, but check out Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice:


enriched long grain parboiled rice

(iron phosphate,
thiamine mononitrate and folic acid),

cooked and dehydrated red beans,

enriched wheat flour

reduced iron,
thiamine mononitrate,
folic acid),

malted barley flour, salt,

dehydrated vegetables

bell pepper),

soy sauce

(100 per cent soybean),

yeast extract, dextrose, soybean

thiamine hydrochloride,

natural and artificial flavors,

modified corn starch,

torula yeast,


caramel color,


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