September 20, 2006

Aaaaaaron will be on Internet TV!

I will be on Internet TV this Sunday (September 24) at 8pm PST!  To tune in and find out who the REAL Aaron Dietz is, just go to!  You will be able to IM questions for me to answer (if that be your taste, times being what they are) and the show hosts, Kevin and Trista, have threatened to "play a game with" me, whatever that means.

Also, I am traveling to Denver for a reading on September 30 at 9:30pm at the Old Curtis Street Bar (2100 Curtis Street).  Zac Tasjian, Citymouse, and I will all read, and Jason Heller and Big Al will spin some great music.  If you're in the Denver area, check it out.


Joey Polanski said...

Ill probly post a promo fer th TV spot ovr at th JPS this Sattrday -- or prhaps Sundey morn.

aaaaaaron said...

Thanks, Joey P. - You're the best!

Joey Polanski said...

I got yer post up, ovr at th JPS.

Ummm ... Sorry t get so personal.

Joey Polanski said...