April 15, 2007

A Transcript From The Office Of CIA Agent Jones

CIA AGENT JONES: I want tamari almonds to disappear.

ASSISTANT: From the Capitol Hill area? Or all of Seattle?

CIA AGENT JONES: I don't want Aaron Dietz to be able to find tamari almonds anywhere in Seattle proper. He loves those things.


CIA AGENT JONES: And get rid of baba ganoush, too. It's okay for restaurants to have it; just get rid of all those easy-to-make baba ganoush mixes they sell at the grocery stores.

ASSISTANT: But sir--our records indicate that Aaron Dietz only uses those once every six months or so.

CIA AGENT JONES: That's especially why it will perplex him. Besides, I checked his Google Calendar and he has a "Falafel Night" with the significant other coming up. I know he'll want to make baba ganoush.

ASSISTANT: It shall be done.


Joey Polanski said...

Bettr hurry up n pick up th rubbrs, guy. Th CIA aparently aint 86in them yet.

Then again, maybe th CIA is already aware o th impotence thing.

aaaaaaron said...

Excellent tip, Joey.

(You're always so quick to remember the impotence thing, but as you suggested, I think of it as "Importance".

Joey Polanski said...

Thats undrstandable ...

... givn that you once became all-powrful.

aaaaaaron said...

Oh Joey, if only everyone would memorize my catalog of writings as you have done....