February 13, 2006

The good thing about cancer

I have a good friend who has been told she has months to live. You never know about these things, for sure, but that's what she's been told.

Her husband is also a good friend and we've been in communication. I call often, though it is rare that we connect. The few times we've talked were hasty exchanges, basic updates of the situation - it's not easy to do these things over the phone and we are 1332.7 miles apart.

But the last time we spoke, we told each other that we loved each other. That's difficult for two heterosexual males to do without it being some kind of struggle. But it wasn't. Not now. The impact of the situation has raised our awarenesses beyond the need to worry about ridiculous social constraints.

If one case of cancer can do that to two people, raise their awareness to that extent, then the world should become increasingly more aware as more people get cancer. In fact, I feel it is inevitable.


Joey Polanski said...

Yep. We all need t bcome more aware of how delicate, how precios, an how fleeting each persons life is. An we need t cherish evry livin person wile theyr still livin.

But we also need t get th goverments ass in gear wit fundin some rathr rmarkable an revolutionary cancr treatments that are still in dvelopment.

Wanna no what Im talkin about?

Read this about CANCER VACCINES.


An may yer friends bofe be WELL, Aaaaaaron. Truly.

aaaaaaron said...

Joey, you never cease to amaze me.