February 02, 2006

A Treatise on the "long hair guy" Phenomenon

Long haired freak

Failure asserts that "99 percent of guys who grow their hair out long are insecure" and that they do it because "girls [dig] it." He goes on to say, "Only a very small rockstar minority of longhaired-guys don't get pussywhipped within 2 seconds of a relationship" (personal communication, January 6, 2006). Not all of these statements are relevant to this treatise.

Failure asks, "Do some people actually thing [sic] a guy with long hair is macho?" (personal communication, January 6, 2006).

In a thorough study of this topic, James states, "From my experience id [sic] say [girls] dont [sic] like long hair" (James, 2001, para. 3), but he does uncover several examples that refute his own experience.

Erin says, "I personally find long haired guys very attractive (that's an understatement..)" (qtd. in James, 2001, para. 15).

Tarnisha adds, "Personally, long hair is high on my cuteness checklist. If its [sic] long enough to all fit in a pony tail -Sweet!" (qtd. in James, 2001, para. 28).

Tarnisha also claims that, "one of the cutest guys I know has waist long straight brown hair. I think he is personally responcible [sic] for at least 50 girls sticking with our LARP of the the [sic] last few years" (qtd. in James, 2001, para. 29). Though she does not offer information on what a "LARP" is, if long hair on a male can make 50 girls do anything, it must in some cases be a good thing, whether it is macho or not.

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Joey Polanski said...

Any "slave to fashion" is insecure, tryin to live up t somone ELSES defnition of "acceptable".

Th Polanski Principle is this: ALWAYS pay attention to hygiene; and NEVR pay attention to fashion.

aaaaaaron said...

But can long hair be macho?

elena said...

of course long hair can be macho. 4 of my best female friends agree with me: men with longer hair are much sexier. it has nothing to do with not being 'macho.' macho is attitude mainly. physically, however, it's being muscular and built. there are plenty of built dudes in abercrombie ads who look like they could whup yo ass, and they have nice, long hair. a guy doesn't have many assets to work with to make him more attractive. his hair is one of them. while you've still got it, boys, flaunt it. i don't even really look at a guy unless he has some hair on his head. may sound superficial, and i have dated guys with short, short hair, but i can't be as attracted to men with short hair, and that's a fact.

aaaaaaron said...

Thanks for the comment, Elena! And all this reminds me that I need a haircut - out of control hair is never good.