March 15, 2006

Roadnotes: L.A. 1

Friday I finally got around to looking for tickets to L.A. (I'd planned to visit over the quarter break, despite not really having the money). I discovered that leaving the very next day, I could get tickets that were pretty much half the price.

Now I'm on the plane, sucking it up and reading the Da Vinci Code and feeling completely embarrassed about it.

It's not bad, if you like that sort of thing. Best sellers are typically filled with useless phrases like, "heart pounding," and meaningless descriptions of characters' surroundings, characters' possessions or characters' chins. And ultimately I feel a little manipulated when I read this sort of thing. I also feel insulted - if I wasn't told the main character was in peril, there apparently would be no way for stupid little ol' me to figure it out.

Yeah, but at least it's a refresher course on some of this history. THAT part I enjoy and I didn't mind the excessive description of the Grand Gallery at the Louvre, as I've never been there and would like to see it.

The flight goes well (as you can see, I'm still alive). I eat dinner with sis and then we go off to Scott "Freaking" Baio's Pointless Banter release party. I meet Kevin, of course, as it's his party, and he is entirely a genuinely nice guy. As an extra bonus, I meet the man behind Dick Stanke, a genius writer and a nice guy as well.

Then, Bill Dawes gives us a call and we rush down to his midnight show at the Laugh Factory, where we get to meet Bethany and her brother, David. They are just as sweet as their online personalities! And Bill Dawes - I guess he can be my best friend again because he didn't once stare at my sister's breasts. Plus, he's pretty damned funny, even when they make him talk in a Russian accent.

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