July 12, 2006

Woman has religious experience in shopping center

Seattle, WA - An unidentified woman was seen outside a clothing store having uncontrollable fits of hysteria.

Witnesses say she exited the popular store, at approximately 4:25pm saying, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."

She then rushed to her friends and said, "You have to see this."

She held her bag open while her friends gazed at the recent purchase.

"Isn't it the most amazing thing you've ever seen?" the woman asked.

"Oh my God," said one of her friends, reaching in the bag to touch it.


Joey Polanski said...

"Holy Shit!"

aaaaaaron said...

Aw, Joey - you always make me laugh.

Joey Polanski said...

My hi-sckool gidence counsler said I was put on this earf by God to make fokes laff.

At least thats what I take it t mean when a Catlick priest says, "Joey, yer a fuckin idiot."