July 19, 2006

Failed Book Titles

I'm pretty confident I've figured out the title of my first book of blogs, so I'm going to list the best of the titles I discarded:

I Am Better Than You

I Wish I Was Humble



Joey Polanski said...

Is Mein Kampf still in th runnin?

aaaaaaron said...

Joey - if anyone but you ever read this blog, I'd be afraid you've given the title away already.

Joey Polanski said...

I think ya mite getcher self some more readrs fer this blog if you was to post a little more frequently an also make more reggaler appearances ovr at th JPS.

Unfortunatly, I think th days o th "Polanski Show Boom" are probly ovr -- many o my co-stars seem to have gone t battlestations, fer whatevr reasn (and Im sure I pissd some fokes off by dumpin quite a few links) -- but I kinda suspeckt that fyou was t be chimin in routinely, soonr or latr some JPS affiliates woud bcome curious bout whatcher up to ovr here.

Fer what its werf, I been scoutin ya ferevr, dudeski. I think yer blog is realy funny, an funny inna rathr unusual way -- offbeat n undrstatd, almost sophisticatdly silly, very much in th same vein as Geritopias Bloggy-Blog an Anaglyphs Tetherd Cow Ahead.

Long story short: I been wantin to link ya up since way back when, but ya aint realy been followin thru wit da audition.

Its a opn stage at The Joey Polanski Show.

Oh, CRAP! I jus SPAMMD ya!

aaaaaaron said...

What can I say, Joey? I work nonstop as it is and can't seem to post more than once or twice a week.... Somebody needs to pay me to do this...