December 16, 2006

I'm trying to watch my language these days

I've been reading a lot of feminist material lately and some of it points out how sexism is inherent in the language we use. I've particularly become aware of the swear words I use, like bitch, cunt, and motherfucker, for example. Why must my swearing call a person's gender into question? It doesn't have to, and most of the time, it shouldn't.

So, I'm trying to replace my swearing vocabulary with gender-free terms. Instead of "motherfucker" I'm trying to use "fuckhead," for example. This is tough because fuckhead has an entirely different feel to it. It practically requires me to restructure entire sentences in which swearing will be employed.

Still, I do it anyway. I say "fuckhead" because I care.


Joey Polanski said...

Lets experiment.

NOUN: "Oh, dont be such a fuckhead!"

VERB: "I spent my whole freshman year jus fuckheadin around."

ADJECKTIVE: "Have you evr heard anything so fuckheaded in yer whole life?"

Yeah. Itll do.

aaaaaaron said...

Thanks for your support, Joey.