January 29, 2007

Drunken Poem For Cassandra

Written and emailed while trashed, November 9, 2006.

Oh Cassandra.

Yes, I mean you.




If I weren't autistic and a total screwup, I'd move to your neck of the woods and we would become the next fighting pop singing duo of Bulgaria.

I know that seems like a lot to just sort of assume and all...

...but relax, I'm not really serious (that I know of).

Also, I just know you will like my idea for our shows:

1. We will start out with pop songs.

me on guitar

you playing all the rest of the instruments

and singing both parts

because I never learned how to sing

(not that that stopped me before).

2. Then we will drop our instruments

rip off our skimpy outfits

only to reveal, somehow,

costumes that resemble what the Power Rangers wear,

then helmets will appear as if by magic

(again, you will have to take care of that one)

and we will fight each other in a death match

except that no one will die,

because at the core of our friendship

is everlasting life

or strawberries.

3. If it is strawberries, we will hand them out after the show, but since you don't eat strawberries I hope it is everlasting life.

(And yes, you can be the pink pterodactyl one.)

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