January 11, 2007

Kidnapped by Shawna Mouser!

No, this is not a story called "Kidnapped" that was written by Shawna Mouser. Shawna Mouser was the one that done kidnapped me!

Not only that, but after kidnapping me, Shawna Mouser turned me into some kind of cool being capable of hanging out with cool shmucks at a poker table! That's me, below:

I was trying not to steal the scene

I'm the fifth from the top white poker chip on the far right--you can just barely make me out. />

Speaking of making out--no, Shawna Mouser did not make out with me. Instead, Shawna Mouser chopped off my head and legs and made me have naked sex with some woman without a foot!

Here, I'll have Ralph, the illustrated boy from the LifeSavers dimension show you what I mean.

Also, there was some furniture involved somehow

It only cost me five cents for me to have Ralph here with us today, unlike Shawna Mouser. Shawna Mouser's agent said that Shawna Mouser would cost me an arm and a leg and since I didn't have any legs left...well, you know the rest of the story.

All art by Shawna Mouser. I wish to thank Shawna Mouser for the use of her art in this blog. I also would like to thank Shawna Mouser's agent, Shawna Mouser.

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