October 02, 2008

Which Candidate Can Acknowledge and Understand Complexity?

Which Candidate Can Acknowledge and Understand Complexity?


Obama frequently mentions specific details that lend credibility to his position.

Obama is quick to point out how singular issues are related to other phenomena, how things are connected in a complex way.

Obama isn't afraid to talk about specifics related to the issue at hand, nor is he afraid to compliment opponents in areas where they are in agreement--he talks about the issue and stays focused on the issue.

National Security? Obama acknowledges how our relationships with other nations affect our national security.

Osama Bin Laden? Obama wants to target him more specifically with special strikes.

The War on Terror? Obama thinks it can be fought more effectively if we shift the war's geographic focus while at the same time improving our understanding of Middle Eastern tribal customs and history.

Plan for ending the war in Iraq? Over sixteen months, pull out of Iraq, shifting responsibility to the 400,000 Iraqi personnel we've trained there.


McCain frequently zeros in on one aspect of an issue.

National security? Iraq.

Osama Bin Laden? Iraq.

The War on Terror? Iraq.

Plan for ending the war in Iraq? Win it (whatever that means).


He can tell you who voted on what bill, and why. He can tell you the motivation behind the vote, whether it be political or personal. He can cite data that supports the Obama-Biden ticket's positions. He can cite references in both parties' plans and explain why the Obama-Biden plan is better.


She can't seem to answer a question.

My conclusion

Obama and Biden are more likely to create realistic solutions that take the complexity of an issue into account.

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