October 20, 2008

Which Candidate will Support Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality: A Brief Summary

As we all know (because we're so smart), net neutrality means we get equal access to Internet resources regardless of the source, ownership, or destination.

Getting rid of net neutrality is a way that Internet providers can direct your browsing toward all kinds of evils, including more advertising and limitations on what you can viably access.

Want to go to a site that isn't connected to AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or Time Warner? If net neutrality disappears, you'll probably have to pay more for that. Possibly, what you want could be blocked altogether.

McCain opposes net neutrality. He wants to let the free market sort the matter out.

Obama supports net neutrality. He wants to preserve the principle of net neutrality to ensure that the person with the best idea will have an equal chance of sharing it.


McCain: The free market wisely engineered our economic situation so well over the last few decades. Let's give it another shot.

Obama: Without the Internet, I couldn't have made it this far as a presidential candidate. You better believe I'll protect it.

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