October 22, 2008

Which Presidential Candidate is More Creative?

The U.S. has major problems. These problems are going to need creative solutions if we're going to see positive change within the next four years, or even within the next decade.

Which candidate is more likely to consistently produce creative solutions to problems? Let's consider the presidential candidates' campaigns....

(Candidates get credit for the creativity of their staff because good presidents know how to surround themselves with creative people.)

Obama took his campaign overseas in an actual demonstration of his desire to generate positive relationships with the rest of the world.

McCain has essentially adopted the same strategy that's been around for decades now: exploit differences in people.

Obama bought ads in video games.

McCain can't seem to think of anything more creative at this stage than smear tactics.

has used modern technology in original and unprecedented ways (for presidential campaigns, anyway), including text messaging.

McCain has admitted to having trouble just using a computer (source and source).

Obama's most creative gambit? It's too hard to choose between them.

McCain's most creative gambit? Telling everyone he was suspending his campaign so that he could have an interview with Katie Couric.

Subjective Summary: Obama seems to have beaten McCain to all the good ideas. And though Obama has a larger budget (probably due to his creative relationship building online apparatus), there really isn't anything he's done that McCain couldn't have done first, if only McCain had thought of it.

My position: Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are far more creative than McCain and his staff.

P.S. Obama gets bonus points for inspiring creativity in others, such as the folks who put together the attempt at a million dollar minute, and of course, the incredibly cheesy (but still a decent idea) Yes We Can YouTube video.

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