October 30, 2008

Why I Voted Obama

1. Because I believe McCain plans to continue fighting in Iraq for as long as he can. Even Bush is looking at exit possibilities. McCain wants us there permanently. Obama's withdrawal plan won't happen as it was written, but at least he'll focus on having a plan.

2. Because it will be awesome to have a president that knows how to use the Internet to communicate.

3. Because Obama has demonstrated a deeper understanding of the issues than any Democrat hopeful in a long time.

4. Because other countries love him. This will be more and more important if things get worse for the U.S.

5. Because he's creative, and knows how to surround himself with creative people.

6. Because many closet racists will freak out. And I think this will be healthier than pretending racism doesn't exist.

7. Because he's skinny. As a skinny male, I'm hoping he makes skinny masculinity the new popular thing.

8. Because he's convincing. I have no faith in the Democrats, but I've become convinced Obama is for real.

9. Because none of the third parties have a chance of getting 5%. If Obama works out, I'll be sad that a third party has to wait until 2016, but we can't afford to wait until 2012 even. I'm taking a chance on Obama - NOT on the Democrats, although they are obviously helped by this vote. To 2016, independents! We have 8 years to plan a massive movement, and Obama has given us the example of how to do it.

10. Because Obama will support Internet neutrality, which will eventually enable us to build a movement that doesn't depend on either big party.

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