December 08, 2005

Fanletter: Jacques Dominique

Dear Aaaaaaron,

I am a reader of a lot of time of its blogs and the joy. But today I write to ask a favor.

In you profile, says that you are a "Defender of Obscure Social Interests." Well, I am a member of the Group of Support of Haiti, an association of individuals that maintain the Haitian people in his fight for the justice, for the human rights, and for the participatory democracy. Although there is now a formal democracy in Haiti, the poor majority he continues to be excluded of the process.

By subscribing to our bulletin, you will be capable of helping us unite with organizations of the local level there and still more the cause of the justice for a people that are needed. I thanks for its aid.


Jacques Dominique


Dear Jacques,

I would love to help you but your cause is just not obscure enough. I really do have a deep level of commitment to fighting for obscure social interests, but the cause has to be a lot more obscure than the one you approached me about.

As you may have noticed, there are actually quite a few poor people in Haiti and this makes their situation not so much obscure as disastrous and incredibly harrowing. So, you see, it is just not my thing.

Examples of obscure social interests I have taken up in the past are these:

1. Will LEGO release a Black LEGO figurine? (They now have.)

2. Will libraries ever adopt a best practice book for labeling materials? (This, I'm still working on.)

I wish you luck, and if your cause happens to grow much more obscure in the future (like, say, if you get the number of poor people down to about two or three), please feel free to approach me again.


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