December 04, 2005

Garlic and olive oil: quick tip

So many great recipes require you to sizzle some garlic in olive oil to the perfect golden state of being. If you're new to this, you might end up screwing it up in several ways - like sometimes you heat the olive oil up and when you throw the garlic in, the oil's too hot and it totally scalds the heck out of the garlic.

I regularly throw the olive oil AND the garlic in the frying pan, THEN turn on the burner and heat up the oil. This lets you monitor the heat of the oil better and you can hit that perfect state of garlic perfection a lot easier.

This of course is not too much of an issue for those of you with ranges that let you select a low heat setting quite easily. My range is always rental quality - a sort of finicky low-heat setting that means it is either off (you turned it down to low) or it is too hot to even keep spaghetti sauce warm without spattering all over heck.

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