December 27, 2005

So how does it feel to make out with your sibling?

Is it hot? Or is it weird?

What's that? What do I mean, you say? You two are going out, aren't you? I thought so. You were giving off that, "We're going steady," vibe. So, yeah, how does it feel then, making out with your sibling and all?

Oh, I'm sorry, you're not conjoined twins? My mistake. I made that assumption based on the way you were unable to separate in order to allow people to pass you on the sidewalk.

You must be royalty, then! Boy, is my face red. If I'd have only known - I would have thrown myself into the street as you approached, instead of trying to rudely maintain my position on the sidewalk as I passed you.

Next time, I promise a bow, if the cars don't hit me first.


Joey Polanski said...

SAME DIFF! Dont royalty typickly do th ol brothr-sistr thing?

aaaaaaron said...

Good point.