December 13, 2005

It was a dream and I take NO responsibility

I don't know what Gary R Smith II was doing in my dream, but he was there with his obnoxiously cool shades and everything.

I woke up Sunday morning and discovered that I'd written this down:

What the fuck - I don't even know that guy, Gary R Smith II

Man, I was riding bitch but at least I got to touch the woman with my leg


Joey Polanski said...

I aint so cnvincd that you an Gary was all dat cool in yer dream, cause neithr one a ya got Umas pants off.

On th othr han, Im pretty sure Uma was cool inda dream cause neithr one a you guys gotter pants off.

aaaaaaron said...

Exactly. I only FELT cool. It was clear that I was riding bitch for a reason.

Joey Polanski said...

Uma dont happm t be th chick thougt you was imptent, dose she?

(Yeah. Joey reads arckives! Go figger!)

aaaaaaron said...

No, no. There are multiple women that ignore my attentions.