November 03, 2005

It were men that done this!

Yes, the little Russian gal has run off, leaving me high and dry. I'm not worried, though, since there isn't nobody that can understand a word of her Rooskie-speak anyway.

But…that's not what I'm here to chat about today. No sir. Since it'll be another couple months before I can afford another Russian bride, I got it in my head to do some cleaning and well, I ain't never cleaned before, so I figured I'd start on the tall stuff first. It was that idea that led me to believe the entire world of design has gone astray.

You see, my frigerator got all dusty on top and I discovered that, because of the little wrinkly design of the casing, the dust just don't never come out of the wrinkles. It won't never be clean, no matter what chemical I employ.

Then I thought to myself, "It were men that designed this!" And they probably didn't know what hell they created because they hain't never cleaned the top of a frigerator before!

This event has forced me to question my pride in my own manhood. Yep, men done ruined my day. Maybe my whole entire week.

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