January 11, 2006

CIA Agent Jones Tricked Me!

I should not have underestimated him.

Remember how I found a source for my Everest gum, despite an evil CIA plot to make my life miserable?

Well, I finished my last tin of Everest and broke open one from the new source and what do you know? It is not the Peppermint kind. It is the Wintergreen flavor. CIA Agent Jones tricked me!

I wasted no time in buying out my source of Everest gum and apparently I was so excited at finding it that I didn't see that it was the wrong flavor! I mean, Wintergreen is okay, but only the Peppermint freshens my breath well enough.

I'll get you for this, CIA Agent Jones!

1 comment:

Joey Polanski said...

Now ya no why they call is "jonesin".