January 19, 2006

The Innocence of Iowans

In parts of the midwest, there is a chain of gas station convenience stores that goes by the name of Kum And Go. It is pretty hilarious. But Iowans seem to not understand the joke. Somehow, they are unable to associate the name with any kind of sexual act.

There is a library in the heart of Iowa that raised funds by bricking a pathway with the names of families and companies that donated money. Kum And Go donated a good sum and the result, hilariously, was that somewhere in Iowa there is a brick outside a library that implies you should wank off onto it and get out of there. See for yourself:

Kum And Go, baby


Joey Polanski said...

Yeah, we got Kum an Go where Im at. Im circulatin a petition t try t get th name changd t sompm less ridickulous -- like "Fiddle & Skedaddle."

Shoun Flynn said...

Yeah well, I was stranded in a gas station/truckers rest stop called "The Pump and Pantry". I met a female trucker there and she taught me things that normal women couldn't fathom. I'm still a little shaken up by the whole thing. Gonna go get a drink now...